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Walking the Way of Love

Walking the Way of Love


We are excited to announce the launch of a new book, co-authored and edited by SIM’s  Executive Director, Courtney Cowart.

Walking the Way of Love promises to be a rich resource for Episcopal parishes and other faith communities as they develop practices that support and uphold faithful Christian discipleship, from its early tentative stages to more mature growth in faithful imagination and practice. Congregations are encouraged to use this resource for Advent and Lenten book studies and as a tool for deeper discernment of mission in the lives of their members and in responding to the needs of their surrounding communities.

Royalties from sales of Walking the Way of Love are granted to the Society for the Increase of the Ministry (SIM) of New York, NY, for the establishment of the Way of Love Leadership Development Fund. Through this fund, SIM supports seasoned leaders who, in the manner of the book’s contributors, are developing further resources to support Episcopalians in deepening discipleship through the Way of Love practices.

SIM firmly believes that faith leadership must be grounded in deep discipleship. The Way of Love practices support leadership development for the church by assisting disciples in deepening their journeys of faith. This is a leadership that is co-identified with innovation and dedicated to creating a church that is decidedly anti-racist, dedicated to reconciliation and justice and the flourishing of all her members.

In the book, The Presiding Bishop’s advisors spell out a step-by-step way to nurture a profound friendship with God in Christ.

'Walking the Way of Love' is organized according to seven practices (Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest) and three ways of being (We Seek Love; We Seek Freedom, and We Seek Abundant Life). The wisdom in this book allows people to move from the first tentative stages of wanting an experiential relationship with Jesus to having a real relationship that grows deeper every year. The seven simple practices spelled out in this book--by highly experienced teachers and practitioners--will enhance the reader's spiritual growth and open up love, freedom, and abundant life.

The stories and wisdom of these advisors will be helpful not just to seekers of faith, but also supportive to faith leaders who are guiding others in their development across the church.

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