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Agrarian Ministry


New Victory Garden Movement

A Conversation About Addressing Food Shortages and Hunger During The COVID-19 Pandemic.

SIM continues our series interviewing adaptive leaders across the church responding to human need in the wake of COVID-19. Could those of us who know nothing about cultivating food adapt and join a new Victory Garden movement?

During World War I and II, Americans were encouraged to plant Victory Gardens as the nation faced potential food shortages. During World War II an estimated 40 percent of the nation's supply of fresh vegetables was produced in back yards, front yards, school grounds, and church property. Between increased joblessness, disruptions to the food supply, and the potential of a second wave of the virus this fall, many anticipate a food crisis next winter.

Maybe it is time for your church to join this new Victory Garden movement. Or in the case of the Church, Good News, or Jubilee Gardens.

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