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A Conversation on Food and Faith with Darriel Harris

A Conversation on Food and Faith with Darriel Harris


Food and Faith

We were so grateful to host an online conversation yesterday with Darriel Harris from the Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future where he has served as manager of the Baltimore Food and Faith Project.

Darriel is also a founding member of the Black Church Food Security Network, pastor of Newborn Community of Faith Church, and farmer. He is a Ph.D. candidate in the JHU Department of Health Behavior and Society. His research interests are in faith-based health communications, neighborhood-related health factors, social determinants of health, and community-based participatory research. Watch a video of Darriel giving a Christian perspective on Food HERE.

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Thoughts and Comments:

Courtney was reminded of the book - Learning As A Way of Leading by Stephen Brookfield - a systematic look at the connections between learning and leading and the use of learning to inspire and organize for change.

Brian emphasized the importance of understanding and recognizing our church land as it relates to indigenous groups who were present long before we arrived.

Jim mentioned that Leviticus as the deep background of the NT Pentecost story goes a long way toward explaining the generosity of the early Christian community - they're having a permanent mission of relief from the start.

Jerusalem shared a link - As always, if you are on FB, please join us in the Agrarian group so we can continue to talk and work together!

Courtney mentioned for future speakers, please email her at SIM with ideas

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