SIM alumna, the Reverend Audra Abt, authored

SIM alumna, the Reverend Audra Abt, authored


Strangers to Neighbors

By Audra Abt, part of the Vestry Papers issue on Tools for Evangelism (November 2016)

From Strangers to Neighbors

A few years ago, if someone had told me that I’d be part of a bilingual house church movement, and that I’d spend the Advent season canvassing neighborhoods in a Southern state (North Carolina) where the mores of hospitality are held in high regard, looking for people willing to let strangers knock on their door, only to reject them, all in the name of Jesus Christ, I would have laughed. And yet, this practice, and the Las Posadas gatherings we’re preparing for as Christmas nears, has now deeply shaped the way we observe this holy season of Advent and live out our call to formation, evangelism, and communion outside the church’s walls the rest of the year. We are Comunidad Puerta Abierta (Open Door Community), and this is a little of our story of how God’s coming among us in the flesh has inspired us to boldness in embracing our neighbors, sharing our faith, and adapting traditions in our multicultural context. CONTINUED: Read full article here